Biography of Kolaboy, Career, Networth and Relationship

Biography of Kolaboy

We all remember when Ugociee was talk of town because of a freestyle she did which kolaboy jumped on and made it a big jam.

The biography of kolaboy will always start by asking who is kolaboy?

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Chinonso Nwodo popularly known by his stage name Kolaboy a Nigerian – indigenous rapper, singer, songwriter and a recording artiste.


Born on 3nd of May 1995 which means he is 26 years old in 2021. He is from Enugu state, grew up in Enugu, did his primary, secondary and university in the same Enugu.


Kolaboy started with his musical career back in secondary school when he use to make beats with lockers and be giving some freestyle.

When he left secondary school to IMT to complete his higher institution, he decided to fully go into music.

He started recording and posting freestyle on Facebook and Instagram, started building his fan base online until 2020 when he had a break out from a challenge he did with the trending person as at then ugociee.

This trend started with ugociee posting a video of her singing to a song she titled “Do you really like me”.

In the sing, it was all about men who just want to fuck and go without contributing anything while kolaboy reply is saying the ladies are the original beggars.

That is how the battle started up to the extend of turning it into an original song.

After the challenge, ugociee and kolaboy became good friends, going to different tours together and getting more fans.

Layboy Instagram page grew over night as more people followed him and loved his music. So far he has made the list of this songs

  • Hello Mummy
  • Wire
  • Debit alert
  • 6am
  • Karma
  • Law of Karma
  • Omalicha
  • Cup
  • Senator
  • Ogoli
  • Collect

Recently he release a Music video titled omalicha, you should check it out.


We do not actually know who is the lucky girl by the side of the super star as many suspected that it was ugociee but woo she is not but when we get any update, we would let you know.


The Networth of the rapper is equally not known yet but still under calculation. We would update you later if we discover.

That’s it for now on the biography of kolaboy, don’t forget to check out our previous post for more.

New Networth

Before we updated that we do not have the  actual information about the networth of kolaboy but now we do.

Kolaboy’s networth is said to be around $100,000-$150,000.


Kolaboy is signed into a record label called MFT Music. Which is said to be based in Enugu and Lagos.

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